“HELLO BALKAN WAKE UP” for 2014-2015 fall/winter is all about possibilities. Chromatically speaking, grey and black represent the very core of this collection, complemented by genuine prints and exclusive patterns, available in upstanding colors, blended altogether in order to provide a sense of confidence and power. 
By choosing BLKN, you'll allow yourself to feel inspired, creative, unique. 
So go ahead and make a strong impression! BLKN. 
Enjoy it,wear it, and keep it real!
Special thanks to:
Photography: András I. Gábor
Models: Tolvaj Éva / Botond Sandi / Rusu Zsolt / Rendszer / Raluca Ciornea / Ioana Cosmescu
Styling: Péter Zsuzsa
Graphic Design: Zöld Levente
Accessories: Meli Melo / Outliers
Video by: András I. Gábor

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