BLKN @ Shopp Urban.Art.Gallery.

You guys and gals know the Shopp, right? If by some chance you missed out on it, we can give you a little sneak peak, to check out what Budapest’s urban arts and crafts gallery is really about. 

Last weekend we embarked on a road trip that had Budapest as destination, and boy if we came back with good news! BLKN’s The East Of The West collection can be found starting from NOW in the Shopp. Those of you who are already interested, put on a pair of pants, slide on your dusty sneakers and go check it out - the address being Madách Imre út Nr.8, on the first floor of the Telep Art Gallery. 

A huge and roaring BLKN-style thanks goes out to Brunszkó László, Budur Miklós and lots of other people, who welcomed our humble crew and the BLKN brand with Hungarian hospitality and entertainment - that all had it’s part in creating a wonderful and motivating weekend in a friendly environment. 

Your openness really gave us a boost to continue with reinforced will and brand new, sparkling ideas. 

Many thanks, y’all! 
Signed: the BLKN Crew. 

Support your culture!

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