Our beloved BLKN customers, these following lines are meant for you, as a small sign of our boundless appreciation. For us, the BLKN team, you represent a constant source of pride, mainly because during this past year we've managed trough you to forge a strong community of people that can put creativity & originality above all, people who, by sharing common values, won't accept anything less than good quality and uniqueness from a clothing brand and understand the message it conveys


We're excited every time someone buys one of our items from BLKN's on-line shop, but the true pride that we feel is whenever fans and customers all across Europe send us photos that capture they everyday life. Photos in which we recognize one of our tank tops, a T-shirt, a hoodie or a cool beanie, each of them worn with the specific BLKN attitude: dynamic, snappy, sagacious, relaxed, stressless, and most of all, self-confident!


Through these lines we want to thank you, those who wear our designs every day, at work, at school, at a party or in your travels. We're proud to take part in your most cherished moments, whenever you successfully surpass a significant milestone. We're proud that we can put a smile on your faces, while offering you the coolest way to express your personality, helping you guys to shape for yourselves a strong, original and unique personal image!


Thanks, guys! :)
Big up and don't forget to keep it real!


PS: Whenever you feel like sharing pictures of yourselves wearing BLKN, you can do it either on our Facebook page or send them trough e-mail at!


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