blkn CLASSICS autumn/winter 2015-2016


The City. The undisputed cradle of modern civilisation, of evolution and development. An effervescent environment, conducive for manifestations of various forms of artistic expression, the remarkable core of culture. A force that moves people, generates ideas, inflicts adaptation and progress. The City. A fixed point around which we tend to gravitate, often during a lifetime. The city reflects in the smallest details its zonal background, social, cultural, political and economical aspects, being a genuine mirror of the country, of the regional culture, of people who inhabit it. Therefore, the city is an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration.

The most straightforward way in which we can translate this concept is our latest collection, BLKN's autumn-winter 2015-2016 "CLASSICS", inspired by the city's key points, its main bourgeois attractions, its constant bustle of frenetic life; the unspeakable charm of the urban sun settings, the river that divides and nourishes an entire alignment; the background noise accompanying any human settlement. "CLASSICS", is a true personification of urban contrasts, perpetual symbols that we can easily find either in the small town of typical Balkan Bulgaria, Melnik, or within the largest megalopolises in the world, Tokyo, Seoul or New York. The collection propounds minimalist pieces, revealed through sharp, clean and precise lines, cold, steady but yet majestic chromatics, inspiring eternal elegance. Although the process of creation that arrises in urban areas at first might seem pretty impossible to fulfil, due to our exacerbate kind of “ 24/7-working” lifestyle, unsurprisingly, the most impressive artistic manifestations were born in the city. Straight out of disorder, chaos, misery, exclusion, difficulties and obstacles. Because eventually the city is, first of all, a creative environment. And that is what we want to highlight.

BLKN's "Classics" is a manifesto devoted to charming and powerful contrasts, to valuable durability, to that stylistic longevity that will pass the test of time, becoming an indispensable expression of self-standing, strong personalities. Designed and manufactured in the Balkans, BLKN's new clothing and accessories represent the quintessential urban creative process, both hectic and provocative, forged in the hidden insides of the city. We addressed them to those who have a strong sense of “here” and “now”. People who are not afraid to live the moment. To live everything, at its fullest.

Wear BLKN. Keep it real!

Directed by Péter Zsuzsa and Zöld Levente
Shot & Edited by András I. Gábor
Sound Design by Demeter Szabolcs
Screenplay by András I. Gábor
Produced by BLKN™

Special thanks to:

Photography: András I. Gábor
Models: Iosif Tosa / Laura Taran

Styling: Péter Zsuzsa
Graphic Design/Branding: Zöld Levente



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