As a generally known fact, December ain't a typical month. Further than that, it is unlike any other month of the calendar. Although significantly long – it has none less than 31 days – we always get the feeling that during the holiday season, time just flies by. The cosy atmosphere, the festive decorations, that freshly squeezed orange scent that impregnates every home, those recurrent get-togethers with friends around a mulled wine... But, perhaps paradoxically when related to the feeling of chillness, calm and serendipity, December is a very busy month. Dozens of deadlines expected to be concluded, constantly ringing phones, thousands of emails waiting to be sent and an infinite number of unfinished tasks, are working people's reality. All this just before Christmas. After that, the rush ends and everyone is leaving town, going home, visiting friends and family, enjoying some good old quality time surrounded by loved ones.

It's no secret, we like unusual things, we crave for the “different”, we cherish distinctiveness. And it so happens that December is among our favorite months of the year. That's why we've decided to surprise our fans with an extra-offbeat-fashionable event, co-organized with Grund's team from Miercurea Ciuc. So as far as your expectations might go, it probably won't be an ordinary event :)

BLKN POP UP SHOP X GRUND aims to bring together under one roof - that of Grund's - for two days and nights, a gang of swank people who appreciate underground art, love good music, know how to party and are ready to take in a strong infusion of urban culture. You are all invited at Grund, starting Friday, December 18th up until December 20th at dawn, to spend the weekend before Christmas in a cushy and friendly space, with us, with a lot of talented artists and many cool people. Good vibes are on the house :)

And now that we've opened your appetite, we shall present you in detail the weekend's “ a la carte menu”:

Friday, 18th of December
POP-UP SHOP BLKN; Opening: 11:00 AM / Closing 10:00 PM
Party: Starting at 10:00 PM
Entrance (for the party only): 10.00 RON


Saturday, 19th of December
POP-UP SHOP BLKN; Opening: 3:00 PM / Closing 10:00 PM
Party: Starting at 10:00 PM
Entrance (for the party only): 10.00 RON





Long story short, we're preparing a complex program, the diurnal one, which will include a Pop Up Shop, where the BLKN team will exhibit their latest clothes from 2015-2016 fall / winter CLASSICS collection (just visit the shop, and you'll be subject to countless surprises, so get ready for a serious shopping tour; #justsayin); a photo exhibition and a special video projection will complete the menu, delivering a serious dose of artsy cultural vibe. In terms of nocturnal activities, leading artists of electro, hip hop, funk & jazz music scenes, both Romanian and Hungarian ones, will perform in front of you guys, undergirding the party atmosphere up until early in the morning.

Don't miss the opportunity to get a fresh update with the latest trends in urban fashion, listen to Ugly Astronaut's jazzy instrumental sounds, that now are converted into a highly colored space travel filled with soul. Along with Szabolcs Demeter aka Quidbop, the producer and the keyboard player of the band StereoTrombone, you'll step into the complex world of synths; later on Missile will introduce us to the mysteries of jazzy house rhythms that'll carry us straight to the world of future garage spiced up with some Brazilian sounds. Not to be missed: the chance to meet Tink & Slow, who come directly from the Hungarian capital Budapest, indisputable masters of Hungarian hip hop scene!

Well, boys & girls, get your dancing shoes ready, arm yourself with good humor, the rest is up to us. And remember, on 18th & 19th of December, all roads, snowy or not, will lead your steps to Grund. In Miercurea Ciuc.

PS: Tickets purchased at the entrance must be kept. They can be your lucky charm, by bringing some awesome gifts. Check our FB event for extra details ;)

PPS: This event's program is subject to changes, regardless of our will. Any revision made on the official schedule will be immediately communicated on both on our FB page and Grund's FB page, as well as on the wall of this FB event. Thank you for staying tuned for more details :)

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