If you’re wandering in Cluj Napoca or – as a local you go to work, surely you’re going to walk through the „Memorandumului” street. Why did I mention this street? Well, because that’s where the recently opened Balkan Shop can be found. The store was offically opened in 2017 on the 21st of January, as a result of the hard and seriously working crew. The brand BLKN was established back in 2006 and since then they’re growing day-by- day. As you could already meet their innovative ideas, the shop’s design is just as catchy as you’ve seen in their collections and previous works – minimalistic patterns and motifs, tagged walls mingled with fetching surroundings and models with unique characters. You can find all their past collections in the store and even more : Delesmag and Rotric magazines. The showroom is truly inspiring because the crew achieved to sophistically combine a unique look made of a Lifestlye, a Culture and an Art that is simply – BLKN.